Yoga classes in our Grand Blanc studio will melt your body like nothing ever has! Treat your body to luxurious yoga and stretch sessions sure to harmonize your body, mind and spirit! Great for all fitness levels!

Ashtanga Yoga


Spa Yoga

Massage Therapist and Trainer, Ann Hobbs, offers a unique experience to help balance, recover and restore the body! Using compression rollers, hot rocks, yoga, and aroma therapy, you will be taken through a relaxing session leaving you rejuvenated, pain free and restored in body, mind and spirit!

This class is sold in single sessions and packages. A health/fitness assessment is required prior to taking your first class. Call 810-730-0962 today to get started! It’s a great starting place for individuals who want to get “moving”! If you have back pain, neck pain, stress or muscle aches from training or work related, this class will change your life!

Call 810-730-0962 today to discuss your options, prices and more! We look forward to hearing from you!!

Hot Vinyasa Yoga