Personal Fitness Training

A lifestyle of fitness training and proper nutrition leads to well-being! Lifestyle changes lead to permanent weight management and improved physical health, wellness and fitness. Harmony takes you on a journey down the road to discovering your personal healthy best and maintaining it for the rest of your life. You will make lifestyle changes with exercise and diet that lead to increased energy, decreased body fat, improved health, wellness and fitness.

All programs are organized by season:

  • December, January & February
  • March, April, May
  • June, July, August
  • September, October, November

Making a season-long commitment helps you reach your goals!

Certified Personal Trainer and Weight Management Consultant, Ann Hobbs will develop a workout plan just for you! Your mix of classes can include small group sessions as well as one-on-one training. In addition to fitness classes, many Harmony clients incorporate nutrition counseling and yoga to create the best plan to reach their goals!

Small Group Fitness Classes

The following fitness classes are offered:


A journey on a stationary bike designed to get you in great cardiovascular condition! All levels are welcome. Classes are 45 – 50 minutes.

At Harmony, the instructor will set the tone as far as pace using motivating music. Each person is responsible for adding or taking off the resistance to the wheel. You will train based on your current fitness level using a heart rate monitor or perceived exertion. Everyone is successful and filled with inspiration to make healthy choices beyond the workout!

You will never have so much fun during a cardio workout! It will keep you coming back for more! Class size is limited to insure the quality of your experience!


A fitness experience like no other! This class has it all: Cardio, muscle conditioning and flexibility training! Burn 500 calories PLUS!

SuperFit is a program designed to get you in the greatest shape of your life! The class is 45 – 60 minutes of intense circuit training exercises! This metabolic boost is designed to get you lean by incorporating cardiovascular and muscle toning exercises that will help you burn 500 calories a session and sculpt your body like nothing else! You will experience bosu ball, step, plyometric, low impact exercises to get your heart rate up – interspersed with high repetition free-weight and calisthenic exercises for toning and sculpting! Classes are one hour.

Attitude is everything! Staying positive and motivated on your personal journey towards health, wellness and vitality can be challenging! SuperFit at Harmony classes have a “built in” support group of six – eight women — all with similar goals! The atmosphere is friendly, supportive and incredible positive! Our private studio offers a focused environment in which to exercise and get inspired to be your healthiest best. Believe and you will achieve!

Rock & Roll Yoga

This is a Harmony favorite! Hot rocks, yoga and the roller will melt your body like nothing ever has!

Treat your body to a luxurious Yoga/Stretch session that is sure to harmonize your body, mind and spirit! Indulge yourself into this releasing, restorative session of stretching and yoga poses. Great for all fitness levels! A great class to take on days you don’t do SuperFit or Spinning . . . to create perfect balance!

AntiGravity® Yoga

Harmony is so excited to introduce Yoga Flight and Bailey Maier to the studio! Bailey offers AntiGravity Yoga on the Harmony calendar!  If you are interested in seeing what AntiGravity Yoga is all about, call us at (810)730-0962  to register for one of her classes!

Drop In Classes

Harmony is now accepting single session appointments for:  Antigravity Yoga, Rock & Roll Yoga, Yoga  and Spinning, based on availability and with an advance reservation.

This means that a single session may be purchased.  Prior to anyone taking classes, a mandatory health/fitness assessment is required. The fee is $20 for a 30 minute private appointment. All appointments should be scheduled with Ann Hobbs 810-730-0962.  You must be enrolled in the Personalized Workout Plan in order to schedule SuperFit workouts.

Personal Trainer

Accomplish your personal fitness goals and weight loss management goals by working one-on-one with Certified Personal Trainer and Weight Management Consultant, Ann Hobbs! You’ll experience personalized instruction with nutrition, and be taken through the paces of a fitness program designed especially for you.

Exercising with a personal trainer will get you far more results than working out of your own. Private appointments can be made for Spinning, Yoga, Weight Training, Circuit Training and Nutrition. Bailey Meier will also book private appointments for Antigravity Yoga. Call The Harmony Studio at 810-730-0962 to get started!